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Copa90 & Soccer Playr | I AM PLAYR Update

Mon 19 Nov

New to I AM PLAYR: Copa90 (& Rachel) now in the game. We've released Soccer Playr, our free app on …

Eurofan + KSI | Ajax v Feyenoord – Teaser

Mon 19 Nov

Tom Deacon is in Amsterdam with KSI for Ajax v Feyenoord, filming a special episode of The Eurofan.…

Man City – New Comeback Kings | The Secret Footballer Episode 2

Mon 19 Nov

The Secret Footballer applauds Man City's comeback and sees them developing some of the traits of t…

Ultimate Striker Challenge vs Theo Baker! | Timbsy vs The World

Mon 19 Nov

In a new series, Timbsy prepares to take on the YouTube football world, but will he become the grea…

DELE’S SURPRISE | Dele Alli surprises a young Spurs fan supported by Noah’s Ark Hospice

Mon 19 Nov

Watch as Dele Alli paid a visit to Vale School, Tottenham, to surprise Mark - a young Spurs fan who i…

BACK FROM INTERNATIONALS | Preparing to take on Burnley

Mon 19 Nov

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Mon 19 Nov

Michail couldn't resist scaring a few people at the training ground... ▻ Subscribe: ▻ Follow us …

Two-Minute’s Silence At King Power Stadium

Mon 19 Nov

Supporters of Leicester City and Burnley beautifully observe a two-minute silence as we remember Khun…

KSI’s Road To Wembley | PSG v Barcelona

Mon 19 Nov

KSI is in Paris for the champions league match between PSG & Barcelona. Subscribe to Copa90: http:/…